It's not a coincidence that Casa Pecados was born in the Amatitan Canyon in Jalisco, Mexico. In the 17th century, the original "sinners" gave way to the very first taverns in the region. During this time, the church banned tequila production, sale and consumption in the area. Tequila lovers had no choice but to gather in secret to enjoy it. This historic account is constantly reminding us to enjoy each drop of our beloved spirit with passion and joy.

Process of jima | Step1
Process of jima | Step2
Process of jima | Step3
Process of jima | Step4

Passion for our land

The unique microclimate in the red-earthed canyon means annual temperatures average 70 degrees.  Bathed in sun, the blue agave for Casa Pecados, develops a unique flavor profile, ideal for your enjoyment.

Tequila with tradition

We believe in nature and it’s wise cycles. It is responsible for the creation of each Casa Pecados bottle. Every step of the process, from the "jima" of the blue agave, to the distillation process, is carefully supervised.